Where to Look for Buried Treasure – Tips for Finding Treasure Close to You


The question of where to look for buried treasure is a matter of defining the term “buried treasure”.

If you are looking for a locked chest filled with gold and jewels then the search will probably be long and difficult, but if you have more reasonable goals then it might be easier than you think.

Every now and again someone somewhere will make the news uncovering a long forgotten stash of cash, finding a bag of gold coins, or unearthing something lost in the past.

Last year, the local paper ran a story of a guy who found a Civil War medal while tilling up his garden.

These are just a few examples of the buried treasure that can be turned up with some effort and some luck. There are many reasons that someone may have buried cash, coins, or other valuables.

Anyone living in an area where the battles were fought might find wartime stashes. For instance, think of plantation owners in the south who were in the path of Sherman’s march.

Without a stable banking system and probably no way of moving large amounts of valuables some may well have been buried their possessions.

The owner may have later died or simply was unable to return during the aftermath of the war.

More common are secret stashes of cash hidden inside walls, buried in the garden, or hid in the basement or attic.

When determining where to look for buried treasure consider places that others might not have thought of as well as areas where the item could be buried or hidden in privacy.

One almost certain place to find buried treasure is on the site of old outhouses / privies. There are some people who actually focus on this area of digging as a hobby and it can be quite productive though clearly it isn’t for everyone!

While a metal detector is not absolutely needed for searching for buried treasure it is a great item to assist in the search.

While cash, stocks, bonds, and similar items will not be picked up by a metal detector, they will generally be buried with metal of some sort even if it is only the metal lid and band on a Mason jar.

Consider the area that you live in and the places that you have permission to search and see what you can find.