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Why You Need a Rock Tumbler

lortone-rock-tumbling-kitIf you spend enough time gold prospecting you are almost certain to come across some interesting rocks that have real collectors value if they are polished up correctly.

And nothing turns plain looking rocks into beautiful works of art faster or easier than a good rock tumbler.

A good rock polisher does not have to cost a fortune.  The Lortone Kit (seen above) includes everything you need to get started in rock tumbling and costs under a hundred bucks.

A rock tumbler will often turn a plain looking piece of rock into a valuable commodity and sometimes reveal an actual gemstone to the inexperienced rock hound.   Of course, rock polishers do not turn lead into gold, but they can take average looking rocks and give them a beautiful wet look that can be used in jewelry or other decorative arts.

thumler-rock-tumblerIn fact, one of the best ways to decide on which rocks to polish is to observe which rocks really look good wet.  Generally, rocks that look good wet will also look good after polishing.

Rock polishing is an easy and interesting additional hobby for many gold prospectors, because you spend so much time looking at rocks when you are gold mining.

Also, a rock polisher is a nice addition to your hobby if you have young children or other less obsessive gold prospectors in your family (and I am not naming any names) because you can always find some cool rocks to polish up.