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Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector


Can You Find Hidden Treasure?

Living on the west coast I have spent a lot of time on beaches. For some time now I have watched people walking by with metal detectors thinking, “What a waste of time.”

My wife challenged me to try it before I dismissed it completely out of hand. So I borrowed one from a college, and before I knew it I was bitten by the bug.

I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and picked up the Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector for $212.99, after my research showed me that this was a good metal detector for a beginning neophyte like me to try.

The Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector is reasonably light weight, and from what I read in the manual, has over 40 years of engineering behind its technology. I thought that was pretty impressive.

I did not purchase the Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector to try to get rich. I have seen all the claims of finding buried treasure worth thousands of dollars.

Frankly I just have it for the fun and enjoyment of just looking for things under the sand of the beach.

I have used the Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector for several months now, and have found things I would not have imagined.

The Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector has helped me find coins, and some jewelry. (Mostly of the costume variety, but one never knows!) I have also located a number of cans.

People will toss trash just about anywhere.

When you get the Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector home it only takes a few moments to assemble, and start detecting.

It comes with three parts, and you just put them together, plug the cable from the search coil into the control housing, insert four AA batteries and away you go.

(There is also a second battery clip that you can set up with the batteries so you have as spare with you while you are at the beach or where ever searching for buried treasure!)

The Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector has an LCD display is easy to read, and the control housing has controls that are easy to follow. The default is set for coins, and you get an audible been sound when you find something.

There are different tones based upon the size and depth of the items under the sand or dirt. You can set the density level, and the depth level.

The Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector has a headphone jack that I usually use. For one thing, you can hear the tones better, and it eliminates the possibility of annoying people at the beach.

Since I have gotten the Garrett Ace-250 Metal Detector the best thing I have found is a sterling silver cross, which had a broken chain. I have not found the mother lde yet, but anything is possible.