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Review of the Jobe Archer Gold Pan


The Jobe Archer Gold Pan: Ideal for Old Miners and Beginners

The gold bug has bitten me and after a few runs at some recreational gold mines I decided that it was time to buy a gold pan for myself and my son.

After scouring over the internet for the best buy I came to two different pans that were quiet inexpensive, the one I decided upon was the Archer Gold Pan from Jobe.

I purchased the Jobe Archer Gold Pan from the website www.gotnuggets.com. As an aside I was incredibly impressed with the communication and service from gotnuggets.com.

My small order even came with a hand written note thanking me for my order!

Before going further let me state that I am quite a novice at gold panning. I think I have the basics down but I certainly not an expert. Given that information here is my impression of the Jobe Archer Gold Pan.

The Jobe Archer Gold Pan comes in two colors: terra cotta and steel gray. I chose the terra cotta color for no particular reason other than I liked it.

After receiving it I am glad that I picked terra cotta as it seemed easier to me to find the black sand as I pan down in search for gold.

The Jobe Archer Gold Pan comes in two sizes: 10 and 14 inch. I chose the 10 inch to be easier to store in a day pack.

Unfortunately I live in an area that is not known to have gold, but that won’t stop me from trying! The day I received my gold pan from gotnuggets.com, I headed out to my family farm and hit some streams.

While I didn’t find any gold, I found the Jobe Archer Gold Pan to be quite easy to use even for a near beginner like me.

The deep undercut riffles (two on the 10 inch, four on the 14 inch) quickly caught the heavier materials and allowed for the panning off of the lighter materials.

While I only ended up with sand and some tiny pebbles in my pan I am satisfied that if there had been gold present my Jobe Archer Gold Pan would have caught it!

The Jobe Archer Gold Pans have a well defined drop at the bottom of the pan which helps to keep the gold and other heavy materials in the pan in the hands of a beginner.

I’ll keep playing around locally until I can get to some places that are known to hold gold to give my Jobe Archer Gold Pan a proper christening, I’m certain that I won’t be disappointed!